Sleep Coaching

Clinical Sleep Health Educators are allied health professionals with an advanced credential focusing on sleep disorders. Sleep coaches have additional training in positive psychology, motivational theory, and behavioral change. I hold credentials in both of these arenas.

I can work with patients who have already been diagnosed and provided treatment recommendations by a physician, but who may be struggling to follow through on the guidance they have been given. I can work closely with you and with your treating team to help you stick to your health goals by providing you with additional education and support. Alternatively, if you know you probably have a sleep disorder, but haven’t yet seen a provider, I can help connect you with a boarded specialist and partner with a physician, therapist, or other provider to help you reach your goals and improve your sleep health. I can also work with your existing sleep physician, therapist, or other providers to help find a team approach to your overall care.

Insomnia can impact everyone at some point in their lives. This can be one of the hardest conditions to treat, but evidence shows it often responds better to focused support than to pills. Our services include an initial intake session and regular personalized education and support sessions until you are where you want to be. We have worked with many patients (and their doctors) to help adjust medications or wean completely off them. We can work with your goals and help you find non-pharmacological options if that is what you prefer (and your doctor supports this approach).

Sleep Apnea (stopping breathing while you sleep) is extremely common. Many people know that they have it but have struggled to adhere to therapy. Others suspect they have apnea but are put off getting it diagnosed. Apnea is linked to a range of other health issues- from heart disease to diabetes and cancer. We not only have extensive experience with supporting patients adapt to therapy, we are also patients ourselves and can relate to the challenges to adaptation and show you what works.

If you are ready to take the first steps, or pick up where you left off after your sleep study or last physician visit, I am here ready to talk!

About Your Sleep Coach

Jessica Schmidt has been a sleep professional for over 20 years and holds both a registry in Sleep Technology (RPSGT) and an advanced credential in Clinical Sleep Health (CCSH) and a post-graduate certificate in Integrative Health and Wellness coaching. She is Past President of the international credentialing organization for Sleep Technologists ( and gives sleep lectures on the national circuit and to major Academic Medical Centers regionally. She believes the key to sleep wellness is an integrative approach which looks at the whole person in seeking to find lasting solutions to troubled sleep.

How it works

We will start with an initial two week engagement in which you will have up to 3 video calls and unlimited daily emails back and forth (at least one email per day from me in response to your diary entries). The first step is to make sure this approach is a good fit for you. To assess this, you will be sent an intake questionnaire to complete. For those who look like a good fit, we will have an initial video call to discuss your sleep issues in much greater detail. You will then begin completing an online/interactive sleep diary for 2 weeks. The first week is all about learning your patterns and your current baseline, and bringing more awareness. By the end of week one, we will likely see some patterns which could shifted in the second week. You will set a goal and/or identify one or more changes you can make to support better sleep health. We may also uncover some medical/medication aspects which I can work with you on if in conjunction with a referring physician or practitioner. You will get quantitative data as you complete the diaries showing how your sleep patterns are changing over these 2 weeks. We will meet at the end of weeks one and 2. By the end of 2 weeks, many/most patients feel empowered to continue sustaining changes on their own. Some opt for a bit more time to fine tune some aspects of their sleep health, and we can be flexible in that regard.


Three session package (most popular)

First two weeks (includes 1 hour initial intake/discussion, 2 weeks of guided sleep journaling with daily check-ins, and wrap-up session): $350. Ongoing guidance as needed after that at an hourly rate ($150/hour or $25 per 10 minute increment). Some patients have had success submitting claims for flex spending claims- we can make an itemized bill for submission to your insurance company, though we cannot guarantee coverage.

I can cost out alternative approaches for those who cannot afford the above (e.g. guided journaling only with no video visits or hourly rate approach).

Email today to set up an initial intake/consultation. All visits are currently virtual.

Do you prefer a lower cost/more social option? Group sleep coaching is launching in early 2023!

Client Testimonials:

Jess was a calming presence and provided reassurance and guidance from the minute I stepped in her office for sleep counseling. I was suffering from insomnia related to the anxiety of starting a new job, relationship issues and other life changes and Jess walked alongside me as we tackled some of my most pressing questions and concerns. Jess has a very positive and encouraging approach and meets the client where they are in their journey. I would highly recommend Jess for any of your sleep concerns!” – Emily, Washington, DC.

“My sleep has improved quite a bit.  Any change that didn’t involve Ambien is a HUGE success.  I was on Ambien for about 13 years and was only off of it for about nine months during that time.  I never thought that being relieved of Ambien was even an option for my future but finally getting with the doctor and you, Jess, that became my current reality.  I am grateful.  You offered me the time and focus that my personal situation needed.  You were very detailed orientated.  I felt like you were very thoughtful of any and all frustrations.  Every case is unique and I felt like you treated mine with care.” -M.B.

My work was recently featured in Sleep Lab magazine, p.22:

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