Group Sleep Coaching

Coming January 2023- Sleep Better in the New Year!

The group setting is a great way to connect with others who share similar challenges and support each other in a welcoming environment. You may learn you aren’t alone in your sleep challenges, and you may also find the support you need to make some lasting changes for the better in how you prioritize your sleep. You may also find ways to help rewrite the narrative in your head around any insomnia challenges.

How it works: Group Zoom sessions (HIPAA compliant version) with small enrollment (10 or less) to assure everyone can actively share. You will be sent a sleep intake form ahead of the first meeting and classes will be tailored around the unique needs of those who enroll.

When: Each Monday in January 2023 from 7-8 pm Eastern

Cost: $200 per person

What you get: 4 hours of sleep health education and group coaching total over 4 weeks, with online sleep diary. Each week will include some content on sleep as well as the opportunity to share and learn from your classmates. You may also find that you make lasting friendships and/or supporting relationships with your classmates.

Session Outline (these may be tailored based on specific needs of the individuals in the cohort)

1st meeting: Sleep basics, sleep disorders overview, establishing your baseline

2nd meeting: Deep dive into insomnia, behavioral change basics, potential interventions, setting your first goal/intervention

3rd meeting: Overlap of sleep disorders and other medical/mental health disorders and chronic pain, check in on your individual progress

4th meeting: Bringing it all together, developing plan to make interventions stick

How to sign up: email Please note- enrollment is limited due to the need to keep cohorts small, but we will run other sections if there is high demand.

Can’t wait until January? Is the group thing not your scene? Individual coaching is also available!