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Coaching: We offer whole-person health and wellness coaching integrating the best practices from a range of traditions. We have unique clinical expertise in sleep health specifically.

Consulting: We have 20 years of experience in management including in the healthcare, non-profit, and higher education sectors. Read more about our services here:

IA Consulting

Credentials: Accredited Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching post-graduate certificate program at Maryland University of Integrative Health (Master’s degree in pending), Certification in Clinical Sleep Health from the Board of Registered Polysomnograhic Technologists. FACHE (Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives).

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We can schedule in person or virtual visits, as well as group workshops. Please email us at to schedule.


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Afternoon Energy Dips: To Fight or to Lean in?

Are you dragging after lunch at work? Many people hit a bit of a wall with energy in the afternoon hours. The human circadian rhythm (which governs sleep and wakefulness drives) actually has two energy peaks and two dips a day.  All of our bodies are wired to have a bit of a drop in … Continue reading Afternoon Energy Dips: To Fight or to Lean in?

Powerlifting as Therapy

Wow, it’s been around 10 months since I’ve written. What can I say, it’s been a long pandemic. Somewhere in there I took up powerlifting as a way to be more body positive. I told myself maybe when I had something big to celebrate, it could be my next blog. Well kids, today I deadlifted … Continue reading Powerlifting as Therapy

Palliative Care and Hospice Medicine are Complementary but Distinct

My day job is now in Palliative Care. I support the clinical teams who have borne an outsized burden in the pandemic. When I took this role, many people asked me what palliative care is. Others already thought they had it understood- it was support of the dying. There’s a lot more to the profession, … Continue reading Palliative Care and Hospice Medicine are Complementary but Distinct

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